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Mountain Brook, Alabama has two major thoroughfares that run through it: Highway 280 and Montclair Road. The City of Mountain Brook has established practices to enforce Alabama DUI Laws and routinely patrols these major roads.

Mountain Brook Municipal Court is authorized by state law to handle all misdemeanor charges issued by the local law enforcement. This includes all DUIs (up to the third), misdemeanor drug charges, and traffic infractions issued by the Mountain Brook Police Department.

If you are convicted of driving under the influence, the penalties in regard to your driving privileges are severe. Upon a conviction for a first DUI, the Department of Public Safety will suspend your license for 90 days Unless you submit to the breath test and your result is 0.15 or greater and then your license could be revoked for 1 year upon conviction. For a second DUI, the revocation is for a year, a third DUI leads to a revocation of 3 years, and all subsequent DUIs result in revocation of 5 years.

Whether you have a driverís license issued by the State of Alabama or by another state, the penalty for a conviction for driving under the influence can be severe.

Upon conviction, the Alabama Department of Public Safety will take action or will contact the state that issued your driverís license and inform them of the conviction. Typically, that state will then take action against your driving privileges based on their respective state laws.

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